Almost everyone will suffer from back pain at some time in their lives. When it occurs, it can be very painful, debilitating and frightening. Staying active and consulting your local chiropractor can help you to achieve a faster recovery. Apart from treatment to ease the pain and help you to regain your mobility, your chiropractor can also advise you on exercises and other ways to try and prevent recurrence of the problem.

Low back pain may be due to facet joint, sacroiliac and ligament strains with associated muscle spasm and referred pain, which may also affect other body systems.

Disc herniation (bulge), with nerve root involvement, tension signs and even mild neurological deficit (weakness). This is most common in adults aged between thirty and fifty.  Often there is radiating pain down the leg.

Nerve root irritation due to lateral spinal cord stenosis (narrowing) with degenerative changes.

Your history and examination may warrant further investigation.  Your chiropractor will explain the reason for this, and refer you to your GP or to arrange x-rays.